Bed Bug K9 Inspection

Why choose K9 Inspections for bed bugs?
Accurate. Bed bug dogs have proven to be 96-98% accurate in determining locations of adult bed bugs, nymphs and eggs.

Effective. Bed bug dogs can quickly and efficiently inspect a structure for bed bugs, providing peace of mind for parties involved. K9’s can detect bed bugs inside furniture/walls/objects where humans cannot.

Green. Bed bug dogs provide a green solution to a problem. They save time and money by only detecting areas needing treatment. This reduces unnecessary treatments and chemcial usuage.

Hard Workers. Dogs have the ability to perform a search 80% faster than a human, saving high labor costs.

Honest. Promise is trained to work for food, love and her ball. Once Promise alerts on an area, we take the time to check the alert with a visual inspection.

Proven. Dogs have been used for years in military and law enforcement agencies in detection drugs, persons and other things. Promise was raised at Green Collar K9, where canines of this caliber are raised and trained.

Creditable. Craig Thomas Pest Control’s goal is to maintain an efficient and reputable bed bug K9 scent detection program. Our team never stops learning about the latest techniques in canine handling and necessary information to help our Canine Pest Inspectors remain proficient. Promise and her handlers work together several times a day to remain 100% accurate.

Technology. The “nose” is the latest trend in the pest management industry to find bed bugs. Dogs have the ability to smell a scent like a three dimensional image, much more detailed than a human.

How Promise and Bed Bug Canine Inspections Work?

Promise uses her keen sense of smell to detect the odor of live bed bugs and viable bed bug eggs. Promise is trained on food and ball. This means when Promise “alerts” she is rewarded by food or ball by her handler. The areas where Promise alerts are documented and then inspected further to confirm the alert. Afterwards, the customer is provided a report of our findings and necessary treatment options.

Interested in seeing Promise in action? Check out her YouTube Channel.

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