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Bed bugs, once thought to be a pest of the past, have reemerged with venous and are a serious concern, even here in New York. 76% of pest management professional agreed, bed bugs are the most difficult pest to treat, reported by The National Pest Management Association (NPMA). Bed bugs have truly impacted our society. Lasting impressions have been made on evening news, day time talk shows, news and magazine articles and much more. Since bed bugs are a relatively new phenomenon, the media has created hysteria among the general public. The issue involves individuals lacking the proper knowledge about bed bugs. Craig Thomas Pest Control, in partnership with Orkin Pest Control, offers specialized and custom bed bug solutions around you and your facilities needs. Our bed bug professionals are trained on all facets of bed bugs from heat remediation, canine scent detection, prevention and education. If we can be of service, contact us today.

Residential. Have you recently moved or traveled? Are you planning on renting or have tenants recently move out? Do you have a student returning from college? Unfortunately, bed bugs do not discriminate. Bed bugs infest the wealthy, the poor and all in between. Bed bugs can be transported into your residence on your clothing, furniture, luggage and many other ways. Sometimes, bed bugs can be difficult to see and when you do see them, you may have a major, costly infestation. Promise, our bed bug canine offers move out inspections for landlords, preventative inspections after travels or guests and prior to move ins.

Commercial. Almost every hotel has been attacked by bed bugs. Bed bugs infestations have even ventured into schools and office buildings and affected famous retail stores. The impact of bed bugs on your reputation can be devastating. With today’s technology, potential guests and customers have the ability to view sites where bed bug problems have been reported. Allow Craig Thomas Pest Control and Promise assist you in creating a cost effective prevention schedule including inspections and working with your facility to prevent issues before they start. Should you have a problem, we strive to discover and remedy the problem at its earliest stages. Our goal is to avoid the discovery, which can be devastating yo you and your facility.

Products.Working together our goal is to rid your problem effective and efficiently. Taking proactive measures before a bed bug infestation ever begins can help aid in control if the problem does ever occurs. Craig Thomas Pest Control utilizes special mattress encasements, which aid in proactive detection, slavage of infested mattresses, control and prevents bed bugs from getting in to the mattress. There are several types of encasements on the market, but we are proud to use Protect-a-Bed encasements. Climbup® Insect Interceptors are great  devices placed on the feet of your furniture, especially beds and couches. Climbup®  Interceptors are placed as a barrier and detection tool. Bed bugs are caught when trying to gain access onto your furniture and enhances monitoring of infestations.

Treatments. Although there are many methods and products to control and eliminate bed bugs, Craig Thomas Pest Control implements several methods to accomplish control. One tool most commonly used is dry steam heat to kill bed bugs. Heat is the most effective tool  for control. When temperatures reach 120 degrees or higher, the temperature is lethal to bed bugs eliminating all life cycles. Craig Thomas Pest Control thoroughly vacuums to physically remove as many bed bugs from mattresses, box springs, bed frames, head board and other furniture and areas. Concerned you may need a treatment, contact us today to develop a solution to meet your needs.

Education. Interested in a free educational session for your organization? Learn the basics about bed bugs, prevention, detection and management tools. Contact us if you are interested.

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