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How does a hotel become infested with bed bugs?

  • In many cases, guest carry bed bug into hotels without knowing. Bed bugs are transported by infested luggage, clothing, blankets and pillows.
  • Hotels, bed and breakfasts, etc. have high turnover rates, increasing the vulnerability to infestation.
  • No hotel is immune to a bed bug infestation.

How a hotel should respond when a guest complains about bed bugs:

  • The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene suggest hotels hire pest management professional who is licensed to perform inspections and quickly address infestations when they occur.

What to do when a bed bug complaint is received:

  • Inspect the guest’s room, luggage and clothing. It is also important to inspect adjoin rooms, the infested hotel room and if the guest was moved, to the new room.
  • Wash all bedding, curtains, rugs, towels, and bathrobes in the hottest water and dried on the hottest recommended cycle to kill all stages of bed bugs.
  • Scrub mattress steam with a stiff brush to remove bed bugs and their eggs. Then take a HEPA vacuum and vacuum the mattress, bed frame, furniture, floor and carpet. Pay special attention to cracks and spaces. Remember, to throw vacuum bags in an outside receptacle, to avoid bed bugs from crawling out.
  • Place infested mattresses or box springs in special bed bug mattress covers.
  • Take all infested items and discard to prevent further infestation.
  • Repair cracks in plaster, loose wallpaper or damaged furniture with caulking material.
  • Reinspect the room, upon guest vacancy and on a regular basis to ensure that bed bugs are gone.

How can I keep the hotel’s furniture from spreading infestation?

  • Never resell or donate infested bed bug furniture. This will only spread the epidemic.
  • When throwing away infested mattresses, box springs, or other items:
    • Cut holes or damage the items, so they can’t be reused.
    • Seal items in a large plastic bag to prevent spreading of bed bugs or eggs during transport

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