Pests destroy buildings and businesses. Industrial settings like food processing plants, warehouse and storage units can be difficult to maintain when the potential for infestation is limitless. However, where there are pests, Craig Thomas Pest Control, in partnership with Orkin Pest Control, can always provide solutions.

Food processing treatments are limited; we’ve found great success with our Integrated Pest Management plans that take advantage of baits and indirect suppression (depriving pests of food, water and shelter). Customers don’t accept pests, so Craig Thomas Pest Control works hard to ensure that you’re facility is pest free and healthy.

Warehouse and storage buildings are filled with hard-to-reach spaces, tiers of shelving, high ceilings, outdoor areas, which all provide pests with a sanctuary to grow their colonies and attack the structure of your building. With an approach that relies on “elimination,” and “prevention,” we’re sure we will find agreeable solutions to even your heaviest pest problems.

Craig Thomas Pest Control has a wide variety of experience with high priority, high profile accounts from health care facilities, manufacturing facilities, schools, retirement homes, food processing plants and more. Call us for a customized maintenance plan designed to meet your building requirements, health codes and your needs for solving pest issues and maintaining a healthy, pest-free environment.

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Very good service and quality work. We have no more problems with bugs.

-Arthur in Lake Katrine, NY