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Craig Thomas Pest Control, in partnership with Orkin Pest Control, is proud to be the first company in the Hudson Valley to be GreenPro Certified. This designation from the National Pest Management Association not only reflects Craig Thomas Pest Control’s exceptional pest management services but, its commitment to cultivating an environmentally-responsible business.

“We recognize that our customers want to be confident that the services performed in their homes are environmentally responsible. Craig Thomas Pest Control can assure customers of this as our practices and our business philosophy reflect green thinking.” 61% of consumers seek out pest control services they perceive as green. -NPMA 2010

A green approach to pest management allows Craig Thomas Pest Control to improve their services, by providing their customers with advance and effective environmentally sensitive methods. The innovation to become sustainable economically, socially and environmentally has assisted Craig Thomas Pest Control’s initiatives.

Our Practices...

Craig Thomas Pest Control is striving to become more efficient in every way. Eliminating pests is your main concern, like ours along with protecting the environment. Craig Thomas Pest Control has the ability to do both.

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